Lingering eyes - Looking at other men and women when married….how far is too far and how to pull your spouse...and yourself back in a healthy and positive way

Talkin about looking at some hotties, men and women. I gotta say, I was a bit nervous about this episode because the diversity of opinions about this subject are much broader even than porn! That's pretty crazy, but I get it because even I am torn on it. On one hand, we are all people, sexual creatures and we are drawn to shiny, pretty, new things….its normal for us to look at things we like, a shiny new car, jewelry, a very good looking person walking down the street. When it's in your's kind of hard not to notice, it's impossible, actually,  and we don't have control over our knee jerk thoughts, they just happen…

The Other Affair- Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating. It  is rampant in society, thanks to social media and the internet, we are all just seconds away from an emotional affair. Brows your app store and you will find application after application for secret conversations, social media, dating services and pornography.. they are a dime a dozen. Marriage is threatened everyday by the sources all around us, those tempting Instagram pictures, lonely facebook posts and quick little how are you chats lead us into an emotional affair within seconds, that’s all it takes, just seconds.

Stop The Shit Talking!

Love is a choice...that's right...A CHOICE. A choice to RESPECT. A CHOICE to be honest. Love IS respect. Respect is Trust….there you have it, the mathematical equation to love and life long marriage. Your welcome, I just solved all your problems, thank you, come again.


Today's topic is expectations. Expectations come from inside of you and they can ruin your relationship. They create turmoil where it's not necessary and they put boundaries and guidelines on your spouse that they didn't even know existed. Expectations is setting you and your spouse up for failure.

Porn and Your Marriage

The internet over the last several decades has become more and more accessible making it so easy to fulfill our fantasies in a discreet way without going outside of our marriage. The effects have been overlooked for so long, until specialists started seeing trends in people and their behavior associated with pornography. The dash to figure out what was going on started and they have discovered some pretty scary shit.

Marriage Battles

Today we are talking about conflict, arguments, disagreements and why they are so very, very important to have in your marriage. The idea that when you are happy in your relationship….arguing doesn't happen, or it doesn't happen much...This is a misunderstanding 

Lost Love

What happened to your love. Has it changed so much your left confused? Have you  lost it? What does that mean anyway? We are going to dive deep into this hard topic and discuss what you can do to bring your marriage back to a place of love and happiness.