More than just help with your marriage, a lifeline to success


The Confident Marriage’s mission is to making happiness your marriage story by providing a plan of action, advice, support, tips and tools to help you improve your marriage no matter what your current situation is! I am working from personal experience, education and proven methods that work.

I don’t just work worth couples, but also individuals. I work with men and women who are struggling with their own or their spouse’s pornography addiction, drug addiction, infidelity, lies, manipulative behavior, gas lighting, emotional abuse, codependency, parenting disagreements, sex, emotional infidelity, communication problems and more. This isn’t just for couples with major problems, either! No matter how minor or large the situation is, it is still a problem for you and holding you and your spouse back from achieving the marriage you both want, need and desire!

I believe that husbands, wives and their marriage need love, guidance, action steps, support and tools to maneuver though the dips we all face in the different seasons we will encounter in our marriage and our personal life. I believe that every marriage is worth the full force fight and that you CAN succeed. How do I know? This is not a sales pitch, sweetheart! I have done it when family, friends and professionals said it was too toxic, too much damage and too much trauma has taken place, that we both needed to call it quits, cut our losses and walk away.

Are you ready to turn your marriage around and experience something you never knew you and your spouse could have? Let’s ROCK your new life together!